• The newsletter addresses both CEFs and ETFs.

Provides three specific monthly recommendations by US market, international market and by sector

• Provides strategies for trading and for how to use the various new and exotic fund chices.

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Newsletter Content

  • ISI 02
    Three new recommendations each month for ETF's and CEF's sorted by U.S. Market, international markets and specific economic sectors.
  • ISI 01
    Model Portfolios
    In addition to monthly recommendations, six diversified portfolios are constructed to suit investors for all risk levels.
  • ISI 03
    Ultras, double or triple long/short ETF's that give investors extra leverage, are arranged by best and worst performers each month.
  • ISI 04
    Sector Performance
    A monthly performance review of hot and cold sector funds are organized by best and worst performers.
  • ISI 05
    U.S. Market
    Every month, best and worst U.S. funds are listed by current yield, 1-month % change, 3-month % change. etc.
  • ISI 06
    A review on international funds is prepared monthly, categorized by the month's best and worst funds.
  • ISI 07
    ETF Rankings
    A monthly listing of ETF's ranked by their 3-month performance is provided along with respective 52-week high/lows.
  • ISI 09
    CEF Rankings
    Each month, CEF's are ranked by their discount from net asset value and by their current discount variance from their 52-week average discount.

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